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Our HDS3 high density sweet spot system is welded in place in the polymer honeycomb core and then encased in our rigid polyurethane foam.
It is positioned right where you most often hit the ball for maximum power.

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The SNIPER, a “Quiet” Power paddle

Made with HDS3 technology in the USA
Our SNIPER paddle is very quiet and has our largest sweet spot for maximum power.
It has more power with less weight than traditional paddles.
Average weight 7.5 oz.
Comes with high quality cushioned grips.
Meets all USAPA paddle specifications for sanctioned tournament play.
Innovative single piece patent pending molded construction
– No de laminating
– No loose butt caps
– No loose edge guards
Durable cosmetics
– Printed on vinyl with poly-carbonate coating for long life

The Sniper paddle is amazing! It’s the best of both worlds: I enjoy the amount of power and control I get from it.I’ve played with an Z5 composite with loads of power. In my opinion, the Sniper has almost as much power as the Z5. The Sniper is also an ounce lighter, and an extra ounce can really slow you down at the kitchen line.The Z5 also has a loud sound that is very noticeable and disconcerting. The Sniper, on the other hand, is the silent killer of the court. You practically have to remind yourself to listen closely to notice how silent it is.As for control, I have a Blaster 2 Alloy that allows me to feel like I can dink on a dime. The Sniper does not have as much control as the Blaster 2, but it has a lot. The Blaster 2 also sounds like getting a small hit off of an aluminum baseball bat while the Sniper is very quiet.The balance of lots of power and control provided by this paddle makes me happy. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve mainly played with the Sniper. It is now my favorite paddle.The Drewster from Kansas says…
I have to start by saying that I was a little reluctant at first about purchasing this paddle because of the way it would sound and possibly affect the way that I hit the ball, but a quick answer to my question about your return policy relaxed my mind, and I purchased your paddle. Well, I have to say you’re NOT getting your paddle back! I love it. The ball comes off the paddle great and the quiet sound is not distracting at all. It’s advertised as a power paddle, which it accomplishes just fine, but it also is very comfortable with my soft gameIt is a very well balanced paddle. PM from Nevada says…

Just bought sniper, l love it. And my neighbors clapping the hands.YH from Arizona says…

I think the paddle is somewhat revolutionary in that it is the softest and most quiet paddle I’ve played with. Probably the easiest dinking paddle I’ve ever used.WD from Pennsylvania says…
KM from Florida reports about test performed by an outside consultant for his home community as follows: Wayne…attached is the “guts” page of the sound test…Patriots were called the “new paddles”
Your paddles were only a few db’s above tennis noise…and in the comments….”sound emissions are significantly reduced with the newer paddles. They will be the exclusive paddles allowed on our courts.


The SNIPER, a “Quiet” Power paddle
Made with HDS3 technology in the USA
Our SNIPER paddle is very quiet and has our largest sweet spot for maximum power.


Truly “REVOLUTIONARY” Paddle Design

High performance, proprietary, molded polyurethane foam
Innovative, patent pending, molded in High Density Sweet Spot System
Single piece construction
no delaminating
no loose butt caps
Molded-in edge guard
Durable Cosmetics – Printed on Vinyl with Poly-carbonate coating for long life

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More power with less weight
More control without losing power
Patented “High Density Sweet Spot System”
Very quiet, no honeycomb “drum effect”
Excellent for both indoor and outdoor play
light weight for exceptional quickness.
High quality grips on all models
Meets all USAPA specifications
Made in the USA, grips sourced