This agreement is made between Patriot Pickleball (herein called the “company”), an Ohio LLC located at 34 Walnut Creek Dr. Holland OH 43528, 419-861-1878 with email of patriotpickleball@bex.net and the applicant named below..

The company has no exclusive territories for its distributors of paddles and accessories, but we will try not to overlap if the distributor continues to work in good faith in his/her area.

MSRP and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is as follows:



SNIPER, the Power paddle



Prices are effective June 23 2017 until further notice. Changes will be communicated to on-court distributors via email.

Once a distributor takes possession of our product, he/she owns it and can sell it for any price he/she chooses. However, to keep chaos out of marketplace pricing, we strongly suggest you not advertise in print or electronically a price other than MSRP. We frown upon the gimmick of giving away other items if a paddle is sold at MSRP, but we cannot prevent it. We have arranged for generous discounts to keep us both profitable and hope you respect this policy. You can, without our permission, charge more than MSRP if you choose and if the market will bear it, but this is also frowned upon. The owner of Patriot Pickleball will be the sole decider of policy violations and any resulting sanctions.

OUR Discount Schedule

(Minimum order 6 paddles )



Per Paddle
  • Minimum order
  • 30% off



Per Paddle
  • Minimum order
  • 36% off


All payments are due with the order. For payment we only accept Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX or personal checks. Checks must clear the bank before the order is filled. No extended terms. Shipping, packaging and handling will be pre-paid and added to your invoice. If paying by check we will quote paddles and shipping before you enter the order and write the check. We will send via email an invoice marked paid with all costs shown after shipping, packaging and handling have been determined and your credit card has been accepted or your check has cleared.

Orders can be made via email to patriotpickleball@bex.net if credit card information (card number, exp date, ccw code and ZIP code of billing address) and shipping address are included or by snail mail to Box 666 Holland OH 43528 with credit card information and shipping address included or orders can even be made by phone to 419-861-1878, all with complete credit card and shipping information.

Force majeure: if God does not shine upon us, we will do everything possible to get back in his good graces and to get you back to selling our products.

Trademarks used in advertising are allowed only if both parties agree. We will even share the cost of banners if our trademarks are used appropriately. Talk to us before doing anything.

All info in this agreement is confidential and proprietary and shall remain so.

This agreement will remain in effect until one of the parties cancels, which can be done without cause by either party at any time.

Print the application on the page below, fill in the required information, scan it and return as an email attachment to patriotpickleball@bex.net OR snail mail it to Patriot Pickleball, P O Box 666, Holland OH 43528

Application in Word File , Application in PDF File

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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**You will be notified by email of your acceptance as a distributor which also constitutes your acceptance of the terms of the agreement.